Electric Boosted Solar Hot Water

Apricus Electric Boosted Solar Hot Water – making Australian homes more energy efficient!

Electric boosted solar hot water system is one of the most environmentally friendly domestic hot water solutions available. It produces lower greenhouse gas emissions than standard electric hot water systems.

A cost effective, Apricus Evacuated Tube Solar electric boosted hot water systems harness the sun’s energy to heat your water with the highly efficient solar collectors .

You also have the confidence of an electric storage tank to provide back up if needed.

You can rest assured you will have reliable hot water, 24/7, and you’ll also reduce your hot water heating bills.


  • Hot water heater storage – 250L, 315L, 400L
  • Electric booster
  • Evacuated tube solar collectors – 22, 30 or 44 tube configurations

Once your solar hot water system is installed you may be eligible for government incentives.  And here’s more good news, an electric boosted solar hot water system provides up to 80% annual savings* on your water heating costs*. Your system will pay for itself in no time!

*Dependent on model and location

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The SolaMax Advantage

  • Roof strengthening is not required as collectors weigh under 100kg
  • Collectors feature a selective surface coating, ultrasonic welding and a toughened glass finish for exceptional weather resistance
  • Thermally insulated tanks are located on ground level for safer installation and easy maintenance
  • Processor controls water circulation to suit weather conditions and usage
  • On cloudy days or during heavy usage, the electric booster solar hot water system automatically “tops up” the hot water supply to the home
  • 15 year roof components (manifold and tubes) warranty, 10 year tank warranty and a 1 year parts and labour warranty.

When your old electric system calls it quits, make a decision that’s good for the environment and your household budget. Choose an  electric boosted solar system and you’ll have unlimited hot water as soon as the installation is completed!

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