Often we’re asked the question ‘I need a new hot water service today, can I go solar?’. The simple answer is yes! More than a luxury, hot water is an essential part of most of our daily lives. When your existing hot water system expires, needs replacement, or you simply want to upgrade to a solar powered hot water system, Solamax can make sure you have hot running water within 24 hours.

Although people are more knowledgeable about solar hot water systems than ever, there are still some questions we’re asked all the time. We’ve provided a brief answer to most of these below. Naturally, you can also get answers to your questions and more information by contacting SolaMax.

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Can you make solar even more affordable?

SolaMax have made it easy to buy a solar hot water system or solar power system with Enviro Loan. Get rewarded for making green purchases and improvements to your home. A low interest Enviro Loan is available to approved purchasers.

Simply call SolaMax for more details.

Do I have to have the tank on my roof?

Not necessarily. Most units SolaMax install are designed with the storage tank separate from the solar manifold and solar tubes so your collector panel and storage tank can be in two different locations. Discreet and practical and you won’t need to strengthen the roof.

How does a solar water heater work?

An Apricus solar hot water system comprises of a storage tank, an electric boosted storage tank or gas booster, evacuated tube solar collectors, a solar controller and pump. The system uses a solar controller and pump to transfer cold water from the tank to the solar collectors to be heated and returned to the top of the tank. The solar controller compares the water temperature in the collector to that in the tank. When the collector is hotter than the tank, the pump switches on, transferring the solar heated water to the tank. A booster is required to deliver hot water in times of low solar contribution or times of excessive hot water consumption.

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How much can I save?

From an environmental perspective, you could help save the planet! Solar hot water systems produce the lowest greenhouse emissions and pollutant levels of any type of water heater. On average, swapping from to solar hot water will reduce your greenhouse gas emissions by 3 – 5 tonnes every year!

SolaMax’s clients Hot Water bill between 2011 to 2012 was less than $1 per week.

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My hot water system just blew up, can I get a new solar hot water service today? Yes! SolaMax can make sure you have hot running water within 24 hours.

Yes! SolaMax can make sure you have hot running water within 24 hours.

What about cloudy days, does solar still work?

Even on a cloudy day, the solar panels of your hot water system will still convert light into heat. On very cold and cloudy days or after extended poor weather, the gas or electric booster will automatically kick in, meaning you will always have hot water.

What about incentives?

Yes, you can save even more. Please contact SolaMax today for more comprehensive information.

Will I run out of hot water?

No. When you install the right unit with the capacity for your needs, you’ll always have hot water. In the case of unexpected heavy usage or periods of low solar gain, the booster will kick in to heat water.