Why we recommend LG

The LG NeON2 panels are a little bit more expensive panel, but LG NeON2 is undoubtedly one of the best panels on the market and offer great value.

  • Your property is most likely your biggest, most valuable asset. Respect your property and add quality products to it. Payback period difference between an LG top of the line system and a lower cost version is usually only around 1 year. For this relatively short period, you get a lot of extras as per below.
  • The LG NeON2 with the 12 wire busbars black cells and black frame look terrific.
  • The NeON2 will save valuable roof space, which is important in 2016 and beyond. With batteries coming and electric vehicles in a few years customers will want to harvest the electricity in the day to use at night and charge cars. This means systems sizes will need to expand in future years so roof space needs to be saved now to plan for the future The LG NeON2 gets your property future proof/hybrid ready and allow expansion in the future.
  • If you sell your property/house, just like a Knebel Kitchen or Blue Haven pool you add value with a known brand panel and a quality inverter solution, with stable, real warranty support for the life of the product.

Overall LG panel advantages

  • 12 year Parts and Labour manufacturer’s warranty (standard period is 10 years) ;
  • Great temperature co-efficient of -0.38%/oC means the panel works well in all weather;
  • 12 wire busbars, instead of 3-4 for other modules (increases efficiency and reliability);
  • Double sided cell, instead of single sided for most other modules (more power early morning + late afternoon);
  • 17 kg, wind loading of 6000Pa front & 5400Pa rear loading, much stronger than most other panels;
  • Great visual appearance;
  • Diversified electronics manufacturer, with strong financial stability;
  • Fully automated production line with 500 quality control processes;
  • High quality components eg original MC4 plugs;
  • Ammonia resistance tested, PID resistance tested, Salt Mist Corrosion tested for level 6 – severe;
  • Detailed traceability of panel through production line;
  • Great performance under low light conditions due to LG’s technology and our own cell;
  • Manufacturing with tight tolerances, ensuring highly consistent performing panels;
  • Screwed module corners for extra strength;

The strength of the LG company

  • LG is committed to solar long term and has just announced a $600 million factory expansion;
  • They are also strong in batteries with LG Chem signing up 13 of the top 20 car manufacturers to supply batteries for their future electric vehicles. LG Chem also recently won the contract to supply the replacement battery set for the Tesla Roadster;
  • The LG panel warranty includes Parts and Labour, a real peace of mind solution.

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