LG Solar Power Advantages

A solar panel harvests the sun and converts it into electricity and is together with the inverter the most important part of a solar system. A solar system only achieves a positive return on investment after a number of years. Contrary to some cheap panel sales spin, the fact is – Not all solar panels are built equal. Given that a solar panel is exposed to wind and weather and has to endure many temperature variations, while producing electricity, the built quality of a solar panel is very important.

With non branded cheaper panels, even within one manufacturer there are variations in built quality, depending on the destination of the product and the originating factory. LG panels all come from one factory in Gumi, South Korea and there are no variations as to the built quality meaning our panels shipped to Vietnam or Indonesia are the same as the ones exported to Germany, Japan, the US or Australia.

Choosing long lasting, high efficient LG solar panels and quality inverter solutions will ensure you will have a long lasting trouble free system. Longer lasting systems will provide a higher financial return than cheaper, poor quality systems, which in Australia have failed by the thousands after only a few years in service. So while LG panels initially cost more than some non-brand competitor panels over the life of the system LG panels can create one of the best financial and environmental results for you.

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